The Well & The Shallows

"We have come out of the shallows and the dry places to the one deep well; and the Truth is at the bottom of it." ~ G.K. Chesterton



Why the Incarnation?

The story of the Incarnation begins with the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden. Through their disobedience, the corruption of nature and the penalty of death entered the world, as God had warned (Genesis 2:16, 17; 3:1-20). A penalty demands a payment and in this case, death required the sacrifice of the living as its payment. This is why God instituted animal sacrifices. It was a way to temporarily satisfy the penalty until the “fullness of time” when a permanent solution could be provided (Hebrews 10:1-4; Galatians 4:1-7). The animal sacrifices were temporary because the penalty could only ultimately be paid by a representative of the offending class […]

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