The Well & The Shallows

"We have come out of the shallows and the dry places to the one deep well; and the Truth is at the bottom of it." ~ G.K. Chesterton



The Mystery

If sunset clouds could grow on trees It would but match the may in flower; And skies be underneath the seas No topsyturvier than a shower. If mountains rose on wings to wander They were no wilder than a cloud; Yet all my praise is mean as slander, Mean as these mean words spoken aloud. And never more than now I know That man’s first heaven is far behind; Unless the blazing seraph’s blow Has left him in the garden blind. Witness, O Sun that blinds our eyes, Unthinkable and unthankable King, That though all other wonder dies I wonder at not wondering. ~ GK Chesteron

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Staying Human While Being Humane

“There is a real philosophic danger which the friends of freedom must avoid. It is that of actually losing breadth of soul in the very effort to gain breadth of mind; to cease to be human even in the effort to be humane; to have the roots of one’s radicalism too much like the square roots in algebra and too little like the rugged roots in the forest.” ~ GK Chesterton, Daily News, June 18, 1910

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The Virtue of Silence

There are many virtues that a person ought to embrace because they makes us better people. One of the Founding Fathers of America, Benjamin Franklin, set out a regimen for practicing and instilling virtues in his life. Though he was not perfect, he had a noble and honorable goal. I decided that practicing virtuous living was a good and worthy goal, so I am focusing on one virtue per week. This week’s virtue is silence. This is not meditative silence like solitude. Rather, this is temporary silence where I pause before I speak. Silence is centered around three key questions to ask myself before giving an answer: (1) Is my […]

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